Lennart Regebro wrote:
On 8/28/06, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
* I get text flowing into each other in the sidebar. "About The
Foundation" overlaps whatever is on the next line, with the word
"Foundation" on the next line. There's another such instance lower down,
where it says "Foundation..Projects?" (can't read).

This is on firefox 1.5 on linux.

Hmm. Me too. But Firefox 1.5 on Windows work fine.


I'll leave my comments, even though I'm protesting against this kind
of design by comittee. :-)

Hm. In the end once I'm happy with the design, and I am very close to being happy, we'll proceed from there, unless someone can convince me otherwise. I use my special Zope Foundation powers here. :) That said, I think feedback from a range of people can be useful.

I'd prefer  a top row of top categories, and a left-column of
subcategories when it comes to navigaton.

Yes, this is actually, I think, the same as my feedback, effectively. A top row of major categories, similar to the menu in version 3, without the dropdowns, with a sidebar of categories too.

I don't mind leaving space at all. In fact, on a wide-screen sreen,
not doing that makes the text have extremely long lines, which is hard
to read. Of course, this should not be decided by margin-sizes,
instead it should be the min content column that has a fixed sixe.

Right, while some margins would be all right with me too, the version 3 layout has *smaller* margins on at least my screen, and I was looking to replicate some of that structure in the new version.


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