Hey Tom,

Thinking about this item some more, I thought I'd talk a bit about what we're trying to accomplish.

Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:
o The simple nature of the site means a thinner page is more appropriate. Most of the content will be text that is easier to read the less wide the page is. This is not some multi column news site that has multiple content boxes.

My intent with this layout round was not to create a layout for just the Zope Foundation site, but for it to work for the Zope site as a whole (eventually; we'll take this step by step, where the ZF site is the first step). Some room for content boxes would therefore be nice, though I expect it wouldn't be used on every page.

I don't know whether that will change anything in your thinking about the layout, I just wanted to be clear that we're not just working on the Zope Foundation site here - that's just the first stage.

An alternative would be to have separate designs for Foundation and the rest of the site. Anyone have opinions on whether this is a good or bad idea?



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