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On 4 Sep 2006, at 10:26, Martijn Faassen wrote:
o Trading in having the space on the sides for less control over all page layouts. I'm going for functional control in this case over a prettier layout. o The current page is laid out to work on 800 x 600 and above. Most people will view the site at 1024 x 786 or 800 x 600 and not see large gaps on the side.

Is 800x600 that common these days?

It is very common to have users who will see scrollbars with fixed 1024 width designs. Including me on the 12" iBook. One reason I normally hate fixed width designs with a passion is because I get scrollbars, most designs seem to be fixed for 1024 pixel screens.

Here's an example of a fixed width design that was fixed at a width too big for my screen:

I can't stand it. Tom made a wise choice. And please don't add columns to make it wider.

Good point; I get scrollbars on that site as well (on a 1200 wide screen this time, but I almost never maximize my browser). That's a good argument against content boxes on the right side, at least in a fixed design.

I wonder whether it would be very difficult/unwise to make the content area semi-stretchable as one can see on some sites. That is, doesn't stretch all the way on a wide screen, but stretches/compresses partially.


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