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p.s. Lennart, 1600 wide? Are you serious? Regardless of monitor size,
do you actually leave your browser window open to that size?

Hmm. Nah, you are probably right, if it's that wide you don't.

I have 1200, though, and I have the browser maximized, yes.
In fact, I have most windows maximized all the time. :) I definitely
prefer a fixed width for the content column in any case.

p.p.p.s. Jens hit the nail on the head. Believe it or not, but 800 x
600 still represents ~20% of users and I'd rather not have them have
to scroll horizontally to get to content. Thats *way* worse than
having extra space on the sides.


ps. I said it before, but pressed the wrong button, so only Martijn
saw it: It might be worth setting the sizes in pt instead of px, so
that it works better with large font sizes. No biggie, though.

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