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Hello Martijn,
The document list on the current website is the following. I think we may have to retain this list ? no ?

The documents on the current site indeed need to appear on the new site. I've put them in the new structure. (some of the documents probably need updating eventually as the work of the foundation progresses, but we'll keep what's there for now)

BTW is there a work in progress site ? There are simple corrections to the content that I can work on or provide feedback.

Since yesterday, we maintain the text here:

You can check it out like this:

svn co svn:// zf

If you want to see the HTML version of the site (without any navigation or templates, it's just for testing), you can try running You need Python docutils on your machine as it uses rst2html.

If you have any small fixes, check them in yourselves if you have access. If they're bigger changes to the meaning of the text, please inform me so I can review them as a board member. This applies to everyone who wants to work on the text.




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