> Current ZopeBook version is at http://www.plope.com/Books/2_7Edition
> Please check http://www.plope.com/Books/zb_signup for contact information.

It'd be reeeeal nice to bring the Zope Book back into one place under
the zope.org banner somewhere...

Following that, has there been any continued interest / development?
It still says the pending version is the Zope 2.7 version.  With all
of what's out in the wild and around the corner now, it seems like
there ought to be work in creating accurate documentation for as much
of Zope 2.7 - 3.3 as possible.  Some people will be tied to these
older versions of Zope for a while, whether we like it or not, and may
be low on midichlorians[0].

And as much as I enjoy Philipp's book, it would be nice if there were
some effort at providing straight up z3 documentation, perhaps with
less pizzazz. ;)

[0] i.e. don't like hearing "UTSL" vs. "RTFM" ;)

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