This has nothing to do with a newbie friendly tool - but a third party to be
the primary, so that a single person isn't the 'owner' of this - so those
with appropriate access can manage this.  I'm sure all of us on the list
understand the importance of DNS and it's reliability.  Since it's free and
been around for years, I thought it was worthy of looking at for the group.

Come to think of it, we are actually using for
the ACM.  It isn't that we can't run a BIND or djbdns server, we are
responsible for over fifty machines, but yanno, it's just easier.

A provider who focuses on DNS can make sure there is uber redundancy,
and can, as mentioned, keep a single point of failure from affecting
the zone's future edit-ability.

I definitely agree that it should be more difficult to get admin for DNS than to get a account for publishing content /
filing bugs. ;)

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