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Hi there,

The DNS situation is under control, so we should be able to do stuff
with <foo>.zope.org soon. What it does need is servers that can actually
host content, but that's not what I'm going to ask in this mail.

What we need as a minimum very soon is a way to serve static files from
www.zope.org/foundation. At first I thought there was no apache that
could take of that, but then Chris Withers got out the real truth: there is.

So, what's needed next to the DNS Czar (Justizin) is a Static Site Czar.
What I need from the Static Site Czar is:

* someone who has or gains access so they can configure static sites,
and give the rest of us minimum access so we can upload pages.

* a single point of contact I can just ask to do stuff. Like, we have
www.zope.org/foundation, and this is the HTML that should go into it,
please make it work.

The expectation is that the Static Site Czar will have less work to do
in the future, as we probably eventually will move these bits of
zope.org to be hosted by a content management system. This just seems to
be the most straightforward intermediate solution.

So, who is volunteering to be Static Czar?

I don't want to take all the cookies, but like I said, I already own a
bunch of apaches, including siggraph.org and turing.acm.org, as a
volunteer.  The latter probably contains a thousand sites and requires
very little attention - one more will barely weigh in.

Does it have to be Czar? ;d

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