Justizin wrote:
On 9/28/06, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Chris Withers wrote:
> Justizin wrote:
>> I don't want to take all the cookies, but like I said, I already own a
>> bunch of apaches, including siggraph.org and turing.acm.org, as a
>> volunteer.
> I'd prefer the stuff we're talking about to live ideally on ZC's
> hardware...

I don't think Justizin was suggesting we run this stuff off other hardware.

Nah, I simply meant that I don't mind being responsible for another
Apache installation / configuration.

Okay, since nobody else stepped up, you're now the Apache static file admin. The first step is to get you set up with access permissions. I'll go see who can help you there. I assume you're willing to sign a Zope Corporation agreement before you get access? The stuff is running on their hosting infrastructure right now and they want to be careful. The first thing I must do is acutally hunt up that agreement, which I've never seen myself. :)

On the medium to long term, I *would* like to pull in other hardware
besides ZC's, by the way. Of course that would need to be on the basis
of a well-supported machine. Eventually the ZF will want to take over
the zope.org hosting, and probably not from within the context of ZC's
hosting environment.

I will take the next opportunity I have to bring this up with ACM HQ.
We have about fifty servers in Verizon / NYC, and this might be a good
way for us to begin contributing to the community at an organizational
level. :)




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