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I think DNS is still (or again?) fishy.

Currently cvs.zope.org resolves to .171 for me (which should be 173).
That's what at least on of the community DNS servers tells me. Other
community DNS servers seem not to know anything about zope.org at all.

Some protocols:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~ $ host svn.zope.org
svn.zope.org is an alias for cvs.zope.org.
cvs.zope.org has address

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~ $ dig zope.org
zope.org.               5739    IN      NS      ns1.zoneedit.com.
zope.org.               5739    IN      NS      ns1.dataflake.org.
zope.org.               5739    IN      NS      ns7.zoneedit.com.
zope.org.               5739    IN      NS      cabana.palladion.com.
zope.org.               5739    IN      NS      seconly.rackspace.com.
zope.org.               5739    IN      NS      ns.qutang.net.

This is wrong, most of these slaves never coordinated with me to
receive a copy of the zone.  only ns.qutang.net has a copy.

ns*.zope.com have semi-identical copies, but have not transferred the
latest zone from zoneedit afaik.

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