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On 12 Oct 2006, at 08:03, Justizin wrote:
> This is wrong, most of these slaves never coordinated with me to
> receive a copy of the zone.  only ns.qutang.net has a copy.
> ns*.zope.com have semi-identical copies, but have not transferred the
> latest zone from zoneedit afaik.

What do you mean "never coordinated with you"? I never even got
notified that my server is indeed on the list, and unless this works
like "normal" DNS, how to manually get the zone.

"normal" is subjective here.  Of course, by "normal", you mean BIND-centric.

In any case, ZoneEdit does not send NOTIFY requests.  I tried to start
a thread on this last tuesday or so and received no replies.  Time
marches on.

Anyway, everything except these hosts need to be removed from the rotation:


I'd love to see more backups once they have copies of the zone.  If
you want to grab a copy of the zone, you'll have to transfer manually
from ns1.zoneedit.com or ns7.zoneedit.com, from one of these IP

I offered last week to try and set up a NOTIFY mechanism from my own
system based on an hourly cronjob, but there was no interest, so I
decided not to prioritize it.  I'll have to write a couple of scripts
for this, so it's not going to happen overnight anyway.

Three nameservers is fine for now.  Eight would be far better.

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