Yanno, people used to pay $75 per half hour for this expertise.

.. and I am charging $3,000 for a server move / consolidation in the
range of what zope.org wants to see happen in the next few months.

Sometimes, even paying clients insist on the wrong approach, or think
that I am overcomplicating things.  That's why I require a large
portion of payment up front.  If someone wants to fire me before I
have done much work and after I have received $1,500, that's always

Anyway, look, here's the deal - stop inferring that my suggested
precautions are stupid, or zope.org will go down again soon, probably,
and it will be YOUR fault, and I will laugh at you.  As it's MY fault
this time, I'm going to tell you, it doesn't feel great.  I approached
this change with nothing less than the expectation that I would like
to be able to continue reaching zope.org on a daily basis, and it went
badly.  I could not be less pleased.

Insofar as anyone who wants to flog me, look - if www.siggraph.org is
unreacheable, I get flogged by the ACM SIGGRAPH President, because he
uses it in his Human Computer Interface courses, and it makes him look
like an asshole.

Truth be told, I care about zope.org working for my own purposes a
great deal more than siggraph.org.  So, I wasn't intentionally sloppy.

Yes, I could write a fifty step DNS migration tutorial, and I could
point out a few steps that I skipped.

The fact is, I would spend a month planning a DNS move if it were up to me.

So let's all stop pointing fingers and move on.  I just audited the
DNS config, there was another small mistake for the secondary
nameserver, which pointed at ns2.zope.org rather than ns2.zope.com,
it's fixed.  As long as mail.zope.org does not go down in the next
couple of days, that should not cause any perceivable problems.

Let's move on.  What in the heck do we want to do about apache?  If we
want a dedicated environment for _just_ flat files served by apache,
and not zope, I might suggest looking at a VPS.  I know I can have one
set up for about $20 with reasonable specs for running nothing but

Heck, I can take that out of pocket, esp if the Zope Foundation is 501(3)c.

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ACM SIGGRAPH SysMgr, Reporter
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