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Justizin wrote:
> I'd love to see more backups once they have copies of the zone.

Why? zope.org has happily lived off two nameservers for years and years...

All of a sudden, we "need" to have more backups, the upshot of which has
been people in europe getting served bad dns from ns.qutang.net :-(

This is a logical fallacy.  Services were not unavailable because we
have more than two nameservers, services were unavailable because we

ns.qutang.net did not serve any bad dns that ns*.zoneedit.com were not
serving.  The errors were in ZoneEdit's copy of the Zone.

I was thinking just now over a smoke about someone I used to work with
at Rackspace, the datacenter engineer.  Bob was a member of the NASA
Challenge Safety Team.  He personally recommended against launching
the Challenger, which exploded, killing some astronauts.

I learned from working with him that you should never tell someone
with more experience to be less cautious.

What's wrong with just having ns1.zoneedit.com and ns7.zoneedit.com
(could we also use ns(2-6).zoneedit.com?) and be done with it?

We can only use the nameservers that zoneedit allocates us.

Yanno, people used to pay $75 per half hour for this expertise.

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