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It could cause problems, and that's why we aren't really using eight
servers right now, but it should not cause problems.

Servers should not fail. This should not cause problems. But in
reality, it will.

It is a
challenge, also, that our DNS is not hosted in the same location as
the website.  So, it's possible that DNS will be unreachable when an
outage occurs, i.e. a fibre being cut in the middle of the ocean, and
this outage may not actually affect our site.

Which is why one or two backups on another continent is nice to have.

> Don't overcomplicate things. It just makes them fail.

This assumption really has nothing to do with what happened this week.

I'm not convinced.

So, if you want to only use two nameservers, that's okay with me.

Please respons to what I write, and argue against what I argue,
instead of making up arguments against things I have never said. I,
explicitly in my last mail, said that one or two backups on other
continents would be necssary, but that the previously mentioned
*eight* backups would cause more problems than they solve.

If you don't agree with this, you are welcome to explain to me why.
But do NOT argue against me by implying that I have said something
stupid, which I never said.

Thank you.

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