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> - - I went in and made one minor correction to the foundation.zope.org
> record
> The data is now clean and consistent and it will just take
> propagation time to get that through to all users. When this has
> happened we can think of integrating more DNS servers.
>>> I'm also more than happy to do what I can on the Apache front.
> Apache is now working as far as the "old" hosts, like mail.zope.org
> or lists.zope.org are concerned. Dave at ZC fixed that one after I
> emailed ZC. Anything after this point should only involve managing
> the separate "foundation" Apache instance configuration on
> cvs.zope.org:/usr/local/apache2/conf, if you email Jim he can set you
> up with the ability to sudo to become the "static" user.
> jens

We added the .174 IP this morning; since it's not working yet I wasn't
worried about switching.  One thing is essential - if you're going to muck
with stuff, be in #zope-web when you do it.  While this didn't cause a
problem...things could easily in the future and we don't want people
crossing wires.

I am curious as to what fubar'd the apache - cuz the addition of the virtual
domain conf file for the foundaiton had nothing to do with it.

Until this site gets done (using Darryl's setup) I'd prefer people leave it
alone.  I've been working through this fuster cluck for many hours now -
thanks to not having enough access to get things done and running on an
antiquated system:  RH 9.0

Woo hoo!

Andrew Sawyers

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