Jens Vagelpohl said:

On 12 Oct 2006, at 20:26, Justizin wrote:

> BTW..
> I'll consider personal mails of chastisement to be illegal harassment
> and will pursue abuse claims with ISPs and the law to the furthest
> extent permitted.
> This is borderlining on slander and I just picked up a lawyer client
> who wants a case management system.  If I think that anyone's comments
> may damage my business, I'll definitely have an attorney contact them.


Not necessary. You did enough to yourself to come out looking like a
complete fool.


ten points for using internet argument cliche #2, but the fact is,
jens, that you have been harassing and chastising me for over a week
as thanks for offering my time to the zope foundation.

you will receive a cease and desist notice and you and the zope
foundation will receive bills that will be sent to collections.

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