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Justizin wrote:
> I hope you all curl up and die.  I'm going to use TurboGears, since
> apparently noone in the Zope community will fucking talk to me
> anymore.

I'm sure you will be sorely missed ;-)

Seriously, you seemed like a well meaning, fairly clued up, if slightly
arrogant guy when you offered to help, but these tirades of abuse are
making you look like a clown - and I should know; Google can testify to
several of my own clownish tirades...

I am the one being abused here.  I offered over 20 hours of my time as
a volunteer and in exchange my name has been drug through the mud.


Arrogant?  It's easy to call anyone arrogant who says:

  "Please, trust me, I know what I'm talking about, we should be
careful to avoid a problem."

The fact is that you guys are continually accusing me of making a
mistake that was not really part of the problem.  You want a
post-mortem?  here it is:

If I would be rude, the following would come into my mind:


But I am not rude.

Justin, good luck with TurboGears, I hope none too many of your
customers stumble across your postings here...

That's the right tool: toys for boys.


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