$10.95 a year, for ea. additional one you want....


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> So what's the price tag on the deal?
> Andrew Sawyers wrote:
>> Zone Edit offers DNS services on different continents for a small fee.  We
>> can easily support our requirements with little effort from these folks:
>> ZoneEdit's basic service offers a pair of DNS servers with 24x7 monitoring
>> and recovery on each server. Each server is located on a distinct and
>> separately maintained network with a 99.9% uptime.
>> With DNS, if any one server goes down, the other servers are used.
>> Therefore, each nameserver you add to your domain greatly reduces the odds
>> of an outage.
>> For your most important domains, we highly reccomend using 3 or 4 DNS
>> servers. We have never had a 3 server outage. We offer a 100% uptime
>> guarantee for domains with four ZoneEdit nameservers.
>> If you are already a ZoneEdit customer, you can log in, click on your most
>> important domain, click "Advanced", click "Nameservers", and click "Purchase
>> an Extra Backup Nameserver". You can then choose the country and location of
>> the new nameserver.
>> If you are not using ZoneEdit's DNS, you can sign up to use our secondary
>> DNS service. Our servers will be automatically synchronized with your
>> primary servers, and are added to your domain as DNS backups.
>> We offer up to 8 managed DNS networks in the US, Canada, Europe, and
>> Australia. For your most important domains, use ZoneEdit's backup DNS.

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