I go away for a few days (to a Zope 3 sprint in Germany, still there), and lots happened! Sorry I wasn't involved earlier, I only got caught up today.

Let's first start with the pieces of *good news*:

* we got a team of people very much involved with DNS now and the situation seems to be well in hand *now*

* we are making great steps towards finally having a Zope Foundation website.

* we have people working on Apache and we have moved closer towards a microsites solution for zope.org, which will make evolution and eventual migration to a different server solution a lot easier.

Now as to the bad news: the whole Justizin situation. I feel I must apologize for taking up Justizin as a volunteer. My defense: at the time he seemed like a reasonable person and he was the only one that I noticed stepped up as a volunteer. While I understand some of his frustration, his outbursts made him clearly unacceptable. I'm glad he has had the wisdom to step back, though a bit more grace on his part might've been in order. Thanks everybody for stepping up and resolving both the DNS issues and the situation. Let's all consider these teething problems for our zope-web community.

The positive side-effect of this debacle is that he did energize lots of people. Next time I need to energize a bunch of people I shall create a sock-puppet. :)



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