as somebody else pointed out before:
it was fun to follow the threads!
(at first I in deed believed that some of
the postings where some sort of blunt jokes)


Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hey,
> I go away for a few days (to a Zope 3 sprint in Germany, still there),
> and lots happened! Sorry I wasn't involved earlier, I only got caught up
> today.
> Let's first start with the pieces of *good news*:
> * we got a team of people very much involved with DNS now and the
> situation seems to be well in hand *now*
> * we are making great steps towards finally having a Zope Foundation
> website.
> * we have people working on Apache and we have moved closer towards a
> microsites solution for, which will make evolution and eventual
> migration to a different server solution a lot easier.
> Now as to the bad news: the whole Justizin situation. I feel I must
> apologize for taking up Justizin as a volunteer. My defense: at the time
> he seemed like a reasonable person and he was the only one that I
> noticed stepped up as a volunteer. While I understand some of his
> frustration, his outbursts made him clearly unacceptable. I'm glad he
> has had the wisdom to step back, though a bit more grace on his part
> might've been in order. Thanks everybody for stepping up and resolving
> both the DNS issues and the situation. Let's all consider these teething
> problems for our zope-web community.
> The positive side-effect of this debacle is that he did energize lots of
> people. Next time I need to energize a bunch of people I shall create a
> sock-puppet. :)
> Regards,
> Martijn
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