Hello zope-web,

I'd like to help out with the effort to renew the zope.org web site (s). I've started developing a new skin for ZWiki intended for use with the new zope 3 wiki. Copying the style from the new Zope Foundation site seemed like a good place to start - it would be nice if the new microsites have a reasonably consistent look and feel. I've put up a development copy of an initial skin here:


This is an early skin, so there are lots of bugs and missing bits, but it does let us see what ZWiki looks like inside a Zope Foundation look-and-feel.

Feedback is appreciated.

Some specific notes on this first draft:

* ZWiki actions are in the 'navigation' area. That was easier than putting the ZWiki subtopics navigation in there - the navigation section can get pretty big in ZWiki as well.

* The misaligning of the Z watermark in Firefox is present in this new skin. It looks non-trivial to get rid of this, it will take some CSS heavy lifting.

* I've hacked the comments section a fair bit. I really like not having a subject field for comments - but since ZWiki relies on this for replies and email integration, perhaps this field should stay?


- Kevin Teague
  (aka Wheat on irc)

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