Hi all,

I've just rolled out the first cut of the new zope community ZWiki skin.


There is still plenty of tweaks and work that could be done to this skin, I'll probably making a few more little adjustments today. Simon and I are in #zope-web today so feel free to drop by the channel and gripe about the bits you don't like :)

Aside from wiki-specific feedback, I'm also interested in hearing ideas on the zope community skins in general. I am obviously +1 on using Tom's Zope Foundation skin, it's a very solid design, but it would be nice to have some elements that also distinguished which micro-site you're within. some ideas:

* Different shade of colours on the left navigation area : Wiki colour, Foundation colour, etc. although we would probably run out of good colours quickly and have to resort to clashing colours :(

* Distinguish sites in the header across the top : "Foundation", "Wiki" etc. also perhaps create additional images for each site, such as leaves instead of lily pads for the wiki

- Kevin
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