It would be great to make some updates to some of the text and top level pages on

I would suggest something like this for the main content:

Welcome to the Zope Community site
Zope 2 is a complete application server. It includes an embedded object database, a declarative security model, and a publisher that can serve content via HTTP, FTP and WebDAV. It has a mature and robust code base that has been in existence since 1999.

Zope 3 is a from the ground up rewrite, and focuses on using the Zope 3 component architecture to allow developers to build truly extensible, highly testable web applications.

Zope is open source and is written in Python, the dynamic object- oriented programming language.

Zope For

(I'm not sure what to do here, hopefullly get these links updated over time? or scratch this section? some of these links are really old. The target groups could be reworked if we want to keep this section, and it should be listed once for Zope 2 content and again for Zope 3 content)

What You can do on

(I would delete this section. Having users be able to join a web site and contribute content was novel a few years ago, but is generally taken for granted today.)

Zope Training

(This should just link to the training page, the note about sending training announcements to [EMAIL PROTECTED] could be put on that page. BTW only the CIGNEX link works, all the training links that point to are 404)

Plone Training

(The Plone web team is sufficiently mobilized to be able to list their own training announcements).

New Content:

We should list some applications written in Zope, and some organizations using it. Plone, Silva, others?

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