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- Yesterday, an automated zope restart failed because of an error related
  to the (new) permanent zeo cache. I have gone back to temporary zeo

Persistent ZEO caches usually create more problems than they solve. There are deeply hidden bugs that can cause inconsistencies between the cache state and the real state. I'd never recommend anyone use them.

- Today, zope stopped responding as both threads blocked trying to send
  mail. (I was able to see this from the traceback in event.log when I
killed them.) Some sort of deadlock with qmail. This has been happening before so it's good to pinpoint it. I will switch to MaildropHost asap
  which may help.

It will help in this specific situation. Mail will not block any Zope thread at that point.

Edit operations, especially those touching many pages, can still be rather
slow as we are still memory-constrained (~250M quota). The server is
currently running two zope threads with cache-size 3000. When it exceeds quota (be it through normal growth or memory leak) it is restarted; this is still happening one or more times per day. Restarting and warming up
the caches is quite slow (can be 5-10 minutes if I'm not mistaken).

I have gone from 7-day to 2-day nightly packs to keep zodb size around the
1G mark (and within the 8G disk quota).

Martijn Faassen is pursuing a possible new, beefier hosting situation.

That is a pretty sad hosting situations. Good luck finding something better.


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