Hi all,

Fred Drake made a nice, very crisp style for the ZPT wiki, and I've installed it as the default for the zope wikis (the zope3 wiki's style is as before). See what you think.

I simplified and ramcached the index at http://wiki.zope.org and added a last edit date. Aside from the big two (zope2 and zope3) some of the other wikis are receiving some love, such as the ZPT wiki (Fred) and the ZODB wiki (Christian Theune).

I've been making progress on the various server instability issues. There have been more wiki and subscriber mail delivery outages (sorry!) but things feel pretty solid *now*, the two open problems being general slowness and a 17-minute restart once a day or so. Recent changes include:

- more watchdog scripts to monitor and correct various failure scenarios
- replaced qmail with a more straightforward postfix setup
- switched to MailDropHost for zope mail sending
- disabled http conditional get handling for now (for firefox users)

Meanwhile, Martijn Faassen and Bas van der Linden at Amaze have today hooked me up with a new server which so far is looking great - many thanks! This should lead to a more community-centric setup. I'll be testing there over the next days.


personal plug: as of this week, Joyful Systems is again open for business! I'm seeking consulting or possible full-time work (remote or santa monica-based, python/zope/plone/rails/haskell/..)

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