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(Removed the cross posting, dunno what this has to do with zope@)
http://mail.zope.org/robots.txt has:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
Somebody didn't like the bots to roam the archives? I think Chris wanted
to see the undo history to find out who made that change.

mail.zope.org is the same service as cvs.zope.org (hosting the subversion repository). cvs.zope.org or svn.zope.org feature the same robots.txt restrictions.

i get a really bad feeling when i see all of zope mailing history and the code base disappear from public search archives.

Before anyone gets too excited it may be better to *ask* ZC. There is no Zope site serving the archive, it's just Mailman, so there is no Undo history to look at.

I'm sending mail to Jim and the ZC SAs.


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