Sascha Welter wrote:
>> I can't think that has anything to do with a ZODB or is 
>> configured from
> (Removed the cross posting, dunno what this has to do with zope@)
Sorry, I wasn't aware about this list nor that there were a thread already 
here; the person who cross-posted to [EMAIL PROTECTED], where I originally
posted, didn't mention that.

>Because the person originally asking the question posted there...
>(I'm now CC'ing him in directly...)

>> has:
>> User-agent: *
>> Disallow: /
>> Somebody didn't like the bots to roam the archives? 
>I have a feeling someone didn't want bots spanking some web-subversion 
>front end that's running, but the end result is that we loose all Zope 
>code and mailing list archives from Google :-(
Yes, that's really sad. I really don't like gmane searching function :-(
and google is my friend ;-)

>> I think Chris wanted
>> to see the undo history to find out who made that change.
>Indeed, yes, brain fart, shouldn't have been looking on
I guess it doesn't matter who did it. What matters is if it will continue
like that or if somebody in will repair it.

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