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We've completed the zope.org migration, the site is responding,
mail.zope.org is up and looks to be processing mail, as well as serving
the list archives and all just fine, and I can see people logging in to
cvs so everything looks good.  The instances running www.zope.org  are
more than a bit slow at the moment because they lost their object caches,
so I've got a monitor running on them to put the caches in offline mode
to let the instances recover a bit when they get backed up.  All in all,
while this took a little longer than I was anticipating, it went quite

There is an issue with the catalog queue. Workflow changes and new
objects within the Plone were not reflected directly. So I had to process
the catalog queue manually. The queue said "3 objects in queue". After
processing the queue say "empty"...going back to the Queue tabs tells me
"3 objects in queue"...anything missing?

There is also a weird issue with the caching. I am logged in as manager and can access all edit features for the 2.11.0 release. Then when switching to an older release package in order for copying over a newsitem as template, Ihave no options available and treated as anonymous...reloading does not help :->


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