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IMHO seeing some caching-related issues in exchange
for enjoying a redundantly configured caching tier is a good
tradeoff for
the current site.

The current caching makes it impossible to edit anything on zope.org
in a reasonable way.

I have always been able to work with it using force-reload where
necessary, using Camino or Firefox. I know some other browsers like
Safari don't seem to be able to send a real force-reload, so I gave up on
those for zope.org editing work. I have to admit I have not done any
editing work after this move, but I have been able to log in and get to
folder content views etc with all logged-in options intact and visible.

If you are using a suitable browser that can issue "real" forced reloads
and you still see a problem let us know, David (or some other ZC SA) will
have to look into it then.

I am always using suitable tools :-) Using Firefox here.

I am logged in as ajung.

shows up with all Plohn edit options.

does not.

Even worser:

wget "http://zope.org/Products/Zope/2.11.0/folder_contents";

returns the page from the cache rendered within _my_ user context.
That's totally broken :-)


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