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Currently we use pound as a front end to Zope instances (mainly 2.8 and
2.9).  To achieve a https connection for the http instance (for using
SSL to login into ZMI and content management) we have duplicated the
http instance but changed the zope.conf to include a different port
number and the "<cgi-environment> HTTPS ON </cgi-environment>". We then
stand up two different pound configs for handling them.  With our zope
instances growing I would like to find a way to have one zope instance
answer and handle both the http and https requests. I know you can set up multiple <http-server> handlers with different ports, but how do you
get the cgi-environment directive to apply to only one of them?

Zope does not handle HTTPS itself. The standard way to deal with a site that needs HTTPS is to put a web server like Apache in front of it which deals with the encryption part and then use the standard Apache proxying to talk to Zope in the background, non-encrypted. You're already using a variant of this proxying technique with Pound it seems.


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