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> Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 1:01 AM
> Cc: 'Garrett Smith'
> Subject: [Zope3-dev] PAU bug
> Wrong IAdding view concept
> There are some problems in the PAU regsitration or better
> say in the Plugins registration.
> Every global registred item (for adding) like:
>   <menuItem
>       for=""
>       menu="add_component"
>       action="utility.ContentComponentDefinition"
>       title="Content Component Definition"
>       description="A Persistent Content Component Definition"
>       permission="zope.ManageServices"
>       />
> get listed in the PAU Plugins "Add Menu".
> This means the "add_component" menu is used.
> If we do this we need a constraints in the __setitem__ method
> of one interface used in the PAU for make a constraints
> what's can be added in the Plugins container.
> If we do this we have to make sure taht all items (Plugins)
> provide this contraint.
> If we don't use a constraint. we have to use a own Adding
> view for the Plugins part. This Adding view can be used for 
> items to get added to.
> a) The use of a __setitem__ constraints makes required that
> items have to fit this constraint.
> b) The use of a own IAdding (view) implemenetation
> is a cleaner way. I think.
> btw,
> And since I refactored the addMenuItem directive it is 
> possible to use addMenutItem instead of menuItem
> for exactly this concept.
> What sould we use? What's the better way? 

I think it's not important to fix this right now.
I added a issue to the bugtracker with a solution.

Roger Ineichen

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