Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Hello all,

I've discovered a problem in the way zope.publisher chooses the request's locale object (accessible via request.locale).

In an ideal circumstance, the number of languages that a user client prefers (in order) is retrieved by adapting the request to IUserPreferredLanguages. The language negotiator in zope.i18n does so, for example. When choosing the appropriate locale object for the request, the request is not adapted to IUserPreferredLanguages, though, but the default implementation (zope.publisher.browser.BrowserLanguages) is hard-wired, making it impossible to override the negotiation of the locale (this takes place in zope.publisher.http.HTTPRequest.__setupLocale).

I have a good example that demonstrates this. My book website,, runs on X3.0. I have overridden the IUserPreferredLanguages adapter to always return 'en' as the preferred language (see the downloadable source of the website software if you want to double-check). So, for mere translations, the browser's Accept-Language header is totally ignored, which is what I want. Now pay attention to the *News* section on the front page. Every news item has a creation date that is shown. I used the locale's date formatter to present the datetime object returned by the DublinCore adapter. If the locale would use my custom IUserPreferredLanguages adapter to choose the locale, the date formatting would always be according to the default (U.S.) locale. But it isn't. Try setting your browser's preferred language to German. You'll see the date format changes.

So, I propose to turn that hard-wiring into an adaption to IUserPreferredLanguages. I'll make that change some time next week if noone objects.

Actually I had time today and nobody objected, so I went ahead with the fix. It's in now (r29779).


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