Tim Peters wrote:


I need to find out the process that Tim wants to follow.


Same as changes to any other project you don't normally work on:
submit a bug/patch to the collector, and/or raise a stink about it on
that project's mailing list.  IOW, if you don't know how to fix a
thing, don't guess -- report it to someone who does.


Oh come on. Do you really want to be the only one who checks in
ZODB fixes?

No, but l'm sick of endlessly searching for, and merging, ZODB fixes I
didn't even know about, checked in from wrong projects.  I would love
for more people to check in ZODB fixes _to_ ZODB.  Then the problems
are truly fixed, instead of kicking off waves of extra work that I in
fact am the only one who has ever done.

Fair enough. It shouldn't have been your responsibility to take case of Z2 or Z3 uses of ZODB. For example, I should have fed back ZODB changes in an orderly way and been responsible for updating Z3 to use newer ZODBs.

If some project has serious breakage it will often be unacceptable
to wait for a fix.

I have a hard time buying "often" there, since I can't recall an
example of this in recent memory.

Possible the reason is that we have been insulated from this problem by using copies.


Of course, if some project you don't know about follows the same strategy,
you won't know to run their tests.

That's one of the tradeoffs someone running a project is supposed to
make according to their judgment.  My recommendation for Zope2 follows
specifically from that Zope-2_7-branch has been using "current
development ZODB 3.2" for at least a year, and no problems have been
caused by that.  Since nobody else in Zope2-land takes any
responsibility for the version of ZODB Zope2 uses, I apply my best
judgment there -- my choice, my work, my problems.

If you want something different in Zope3-land, fine by me, but I just
hope it's backed by a plan for someone other than me to do the work

I'm willing to continue with the current experiment for now. I think it's telling that we already have an issue, admittedly a small one, with the new scheme.

It was a mistake to saddle you with maintaining Zope3's usage of ZODB.


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