[Chris McDonough]
> Where *was* this set_trace?  I have a suspicion I'm missing some checkin
> notifications; I don't see any messages that show it getting fixed in
> zope-checkins or zope-cvs (neither in my incoming mail nor in the
> archives).  I actually just wanted to make sure I didn't do it ;-)

No, it wasn't yours.  I vaguely remember mucking with this when
Christian Theune and I were trying to make sense of some FileStorage
code, during the ZODB sprint.  It got into then trunk then when the
whole sprint branch get merged to the trunk.

While we definitely have been seeing occasional odd behavior on some
Zope mailing lists lately, including lost checkin email, since _this_
change to ZODB code was actually made from the right project <wink>,
the only place the message showed up was on the zodb-checkins list. 
There are very few subscribers to that, and you're not one of 'em (so
it's not surprising you didn't see this particular msg):

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