Tim Peters  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It's more that it was nobody's responsibility, really -- I've been
> filling what appeared to be major vacuums.  More checkins to ZODB code
> got made from Zope trunk anyway -- the last time I had to set aside "a
> merge day", there were actually no "rogue" checkins from Zope3 trunk,
> they were all from Zope trunk.  I expected that too, since all
> developers from Zope2-land, and whether consciously or not, have the
> CVS symlink magic in their mental model of how things work (where it
> doesn't matter from which project checkins are made, they show up in
> all clients at once and by magic).
> zdaemon and ZConfig are in similar boats.  I _used_ to try to keep
> zdaemon in synch across its SVN clients, but haven't done so for quite
> a while.

The problem is really that most developers have no idea that zdaemon,
ZConfig, and friends, are stiched from somewhere else.

For that reason alone I think SVN externals are much better than manual
copies or repolinks, because when you svn up you *see* the X or the
"Fetching external item".


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