Jim Fulton wrote:
> Garrett Smith wrote:
>> I don't understand the pushback against location proxying
>> security-proxied objects. LocationProxy does actually play well with
>> security-proxied objects.
> That was not our experience in the recent past.  I'll have to document
> the problems, assuming that I can reproduce them.

Are you referring to the problems Gary ran into when he modified the
form setup machinery? I ran into the same problems in our application,
which led to the mods to make LocationProxy work with security proxied

> I wonder if it would make sense for the trusted adapter machinery to
> simply set __parent__ on adapters if either the adapter provides
> ILocation 
> *or* the adapter doesn't already have a __parent__.  This would solve
> the problem and avoid the proxy.

Apart from the "works/doesn't work" issue (your previous point), are you
concerned that we'll see LocationProxy popping up whenever we need
location-sensitive lookups? Would that be a bad thing?

I've found LocationProxy to be essential providing location-specific
lookup capability in more than forms. E.g. I often location-proxy
objects in events where handlers perform operations that want local
authentication facilities.

 -- Garrett

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