Jim Fulton wrote:

Here's an alternate proposal:

Let's put the proxying in the trusted adapter factory.

Let's make the trusted adapter factory add the proxy
if the adapter doesn't set ILocation. Then the form code
stays clean and other code will benefit.  This would become
part of the definition of trusted adapters.

If there are no objections, let's do it this way.

+1 It's a positive convergence from adapters and content components.

- 1
It might be a trap too, because developers must be aware of the pretty implicit differnces between trusted and unstrusted adapters. In cases where unstrusted adapters require a dedicated permission the editview has still to proxy those adapters to procede correctly. Would it be possible to deprecate the unstrusted adapters or proxy them to?

Then we have to build location proxies most of the time. Is that not a performance issue?

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