OK, here they come:

<svn checkout dir>/bin is not copied to <python dir>\Scripts
-copied by hand

<svn checkout dir>/zopeskel is not copied to <python dir>\zopeskel
-copied by hand

<python dir>\zopeskel\etc\securitypolicy.zcml missing
-copied from <svn checkout dir>

<svn checkout dir>\zopeskel\etc\package-includes empty
-copied from <svn checkout dir>/package-includes

<python dir>\Lib\site-packages\buddydemo\locales dir missing
-copied from <svn checkout dir>\src\buddydemo\locales

<python dir>\Lib\site-packages\bugtracker\browser\help\tracker_overview.rst 
does not exist
-copied from <svn checkout dir>\src\bugtracker\browser\help

after these and running mkzopeinstance Zope starts fine.


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