I've just started playing with the HomeFolderManager and one idea for a small 
enhancement comes into my mind.

I think it would be good to have the option to create homefolders and the 
respective assignment automatically upon the first call of getHomeFolder.

(of course all of the following is IMO, but I just don't want to write "i 
think" or "in my opinion" in every sentence) ;-)

The missing of this options dramatically reduces the usefullness of the 
Especially when using a external authentification source the creation of a 
prinicipal can often not or only with great difficulties be synchronized with 
creating the assignment in the HomeFolderManager.

The entrypoint of a user into a site can be arbitrary, especially when using 
HTTP based authentication.

Therefore at every page I've to check if a assignement exists and eventually 
create one. Since this AFAIK can't be done in TAL you've to create a view 
class for every template (other solution AFAIK: register a view class for "*" 
and do it in the __call__ method. but it's not beautiful either.)

If the homefolder and the assignment would be created automatically you can 
just use TAL expression request/prinicipal/homefolder without thinking about 
whether it is already existing or not.

I you think that is a good idea, I would like (to try) to make the 
modifications at the HomeFolderManager. (as a junior job, practice and as 
well as a little bit giving back for all your help).


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