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Hi all,

I'm just beginning to study Zope 3 (helped by the magnificent Philipp von Weitershausen's book). I'm specially interested in the schema framework, and how it can be used to implement relationships between objects (if it can be used that way).

It can be and has been.

I know that are proposals to replace vocabularies by sources, as described in the thread:

My doubs are:
1) Are sources already implemented ?  If not, it will be ?

Basic sources are implemented. Several additional features need to be implemented for them to be able to fully replace vocabularies. Off the top of my head, I believe that sources now have widgets that support searching but not iterating; vocabularies support both. Improving sources to be a full-fledged replacement for vocabularies is an important TODO. We are currently using sources when possible, and using vocabularies otherwise.

2) In any case, are sources/vocabularies a good way to implement relationships between objects ?

They can certainly model them, and they are the only reasonable way to do it in schema of which I am aware.

The storage of the relationship--the implementation--is another decision, which we happened to just talk about around here. Standard python references? Persistent weak references? Descriptor with an external data source, like the schoolbell relationship tool, as a back end? They all have pros and cons, some of them subtle.

I think an implementation of ISource and ITerm/s and so on could be writted providing values obtained from other objects, but I'm not sure what could happen with this relationship after created. For instance, if the referenced object is deleted after that. Is there any utilities in Zope 3 to take care about referential integrity between objects ?
In Zope 2, I've added some Foreign Key capabilities to Z Catalogs, using one catalog per meta_type and overriding manage_beforeDelete and so on. So, for instance, a customer can't be deleted if it has some referencing invoice. I just one to know if there are better ways to obtain the same result in Zope 3.

The best way, maybe barring the schoolbell tool, to get referential integrity right now is probably subscribers. There are some other frameworks in the repository to help with this--Jim mentioned dependables--but my understanding is that they are still in an experimental state.

Subscribers aren't perfect for this: getting a reasonable UI with after-the-fact complaints (as most subscribers will tend to be) is sometimes a bit tricky (another use case for ZODB save points; you can do stuff like this in a somewhat rickety way--and I have--with subtransactions for now), for instance. They should be workable for many examples, though.


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