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> Subject: [Zope3-Users] page uses foreign view: context changed
> Hello,
> I'vw a viewA on a objectA including a macro:
> <metal:block define-macro="info">
>   <span tal:replace="context/__name__" />
> </metal:block>
> A view of objectB uses this macro and inserts it into its own viewB:

I can't follow. What do you try to say?
What is "A view of objectB" and "its own viewB"?

> <metal:block use-macro="item/@@shortinfo/info" />
> My problem is now, that the context of viewA is objectB. But 
> I want it to 
> insert some data from objectA. How can I get objectA, the 
> object viewA was 
> registered for?

You only can access a view and this view adapts one context.

If you have a viewA on objectA and you like to access other
context as well there are different concept for this.

Take a look at path adapters or pagedata in zope.app.pagelet
both of them can be used to access additonal adapters which
can lookup for other objects like objectB additional to your 
request adapter (viewA) on the context (objectA).

Roger Ineichen

> Thanks,
> Florian
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