[Tim Peters]
>> Note that I just upgraded Zope3 to use ZODB 3.4a1, same as the Zope
>> 2.8a2 release made yesterday.  I'm not sure how "Zope X3.1" relates to
>> the Zope3 trunk, but I don't see anything that looks like "X3.1" in
>> SVN yet, and whatever X3.1 is should also use ZODB 3.4a1.
[Stephan Richter]
> I have not yet created a branch. We need to fix some bugs first before
> merging.

That explains why I couldn't find it <wink>.  In any case, don't worry
about ZODB when you do branch; Jim or I will take care of getting "the
best" ZODB into it.
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