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On Wednesday 06 April 2005 11:02, Gintautas Miliauskas wrote:

2) In any case, are sources/vocabularies a good way to implement
relationships between objects?

There is an easy-to-use relationship library included in SchoolBell
(http://www.schooltool.org/schoolbell). It is independent from other
packages in SchoolBell. You can get a feel of managing relationships
between objects using this package by looking through its README:

I find the SchoolBell relationship package extremely cool and I would like to advocate to put it into the core, if Canonical would be willing to release it under ZPL 2.1 for us.

This could be fantastic. If happens, be sure I will try an implementation of vocabularies / sources based on it. I think that a relationships support buit-in in the schema framework could help bussines applications developers (like me) a lot.

Thanks to everybody for your answers

Santi Camps
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