On Thursday 07 April 2005 05:56, Sven Schomaker wrote:
> 1 Fields need to be bound to the current locale,
>   retrieved from the view/request. Whereas this
>   makes it necessary to introduce some minor
>   modifications to the form machinery, namely
>   setUpDisplayWidgets, setUpEditWidgets, setUpWidget
>   and probably _createWidget, to pass the locale to
>   the field at the time it gets bound to the context,
>   it does not require any modifications to the current
>   widget set, since all locale specific logic will be
>   realized by the fields.

This would make the schema-framework depend on presentation code which is a 
definite no-go. This would never be accepted in the core. I agree with Roger, 
look at the I18nFile implementation to see how you can achieve I18n of 
content. You can probably come up with better waystoo.

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