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On Wednesday 06 April 2005 16:52, Dieter Maurer wrote:

For new projects, you should investigate the new options.
Product development will get much simpler with Zope3 technology
(and its schemas and views). Currently, there is no TTW
("Through The Web") development in Zope3 land, but that is planned.
In about 2 to 4 years, we may have new ZClass like
functionality implemented with Zope3 technology.
And I am quite confident that the old ZClasses will live til

Note that I prototyped such functionality a couple years ago. One could create TTW (Persistent) schemas and then declare a Content Component Definition based on this schema. People could then create instances of those content components. The Content Component Definition utility took care of doing all the security and basic menu/view setup. One can then write views and adapters for the content component to give it functionality.

Unfortunately, persistent schemas got broken at some point, so the code is not that useful anymore. I really need to get together with Jim and force him to fix the problem with me, since I constantly forget what the problem is. ;-)

I'll need to work on persistent schemas very soon. Could someone recap
what the problem is ? ISTR that there was a problem with the way the are
cached by the interface machinery, and maybe a pickling problem. Does
someone have a bit more details (without going into great lengths, I'll
be looking at it in any case).

Your recollection is more or less correct. We can't currently directly provide a persistent interface. If someone wants to get into the details and work on this, I'd be happy to provide advice.


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