[Stephan Richter]
> I have removed all unit test failures when running the test runner with "-N 
> 2",

Really?  You don't see the new failure I reported here yesterday? 
That's got nothing to do with -N, though:


> except for one failure in the ZODB tests, since I know nothing about this
> code.

This may be hard to fix.  It really has nothing to do with ZODB, it's
testing that various deprecated methods generate deprecation warnings,
and the behavior across multiple runs has to do with private internals
of Python's ``warnings`` module.  The latter tries to avoid showing
the same msg from the same line twice, and that's exactly what's going
wrong here:  on the second run the test isn't seeing the warnings it
saw on its first run ... OK, hacked around that, but Zope3 won't
notice until I check it in _and_ someone switches Zope3 to use a new
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