I've a problem with the wiki that I can't resolve... Zope3 trunk current.

I've added a PAU to http://eye:8080/++etc++site/default/@@contents.html with a PrincipalFolder and some principals.

I've activated the "No Challenge if Authenticated" and the "Zope Realm Basic-Auth"

I've also granted some principals in http://eye:8080/@@grant.html some principal of the folder with the Site Manager role.

While everything is working pretty well, the principal can login, administer the site etc,etc I've a problem...

I added a Wiki. While the principal can access single pages, the search in http://eye:8080/the_wiki/@@search.html, see the contents in http://eye:8080/the_wiki/@@contents.html, if cannot access the Table of contents http://eye:8080/the_wiki/@@toc.html (You are not authorized).

Digging in the configuration files for the wiki I see that the search page and the toc page have the same permission....

Someone can point me to a way of debugging this? How to check why a permission was negated?

Or someone (with MOORE experience than me) can give a look to the wiki config files and findout what is wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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