Paolo Invernizzi wrote:

I've a problem with the wiki that I can't resolve... Zope3 trunk current.

I've added a PAU to http://eye:8080/++etc++site/default/@@contents.html with a PrincipalFolder and some principals.

I've activated the "No Challenge if Authenticated" and the "Zope Realm Basic-Auth"

I've also granted some principals in http://eye:8080/@@grant.html some principal of the folder with the Site Manager role.

While everything is working pretty well, the principal can login, administer the site etc,etc I've a problem...

I added a Wiki. While the principal can access single pages, the search in http://eye:8080/the_wiki/@@search.html, see the contents in http://eye:8080/the_wiki/@@contents.html, if cannot access the Table of contents http://eye:8080/the_wiki/@@toc.html (You are not authorized).

That's an artefact of the problem we dicussed currently in [Zope3-dev] Form framework, adapters and pau thread.

Only the global authentication is invoked, because the trusted WikiPageHierarchyAdapter does not implement ILocation. Therefore your user does not 'exists' during the authentication and that is leading to this failure.

Temporary workaround: zwiki\ line 73, derive WikiPageHierarchyAdapter from Location

from import Location

class WikiPageHierarchyAdapter(Location):

We' ve planed to fix that problem correctly:

Dominik Huber

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