Hi there,

This is just a little cheerleading note. I saw that Stephan is working on WSGI support (extending the earlier efforts?) as well as Twisted integration.

Does this mean Zope 3 can be connected to any WSGI server now in theory? And the WSGI support in ZServer mean that Zope 3 can function as a WSGI server itself?

Is the Twisted integration based on WSGI? I'd be interested in seeing Apache mod_python integration using WSGI as well, though I think mod_python WSGI support is still behind...

I really think such efforts to make Zope 3 play nice with other systems, frameworks and the like, are extremely important, so again thank you Stephan for working on this! This will Zope 3 be perceived as a good citizen within the Python community, which is a good thing as right now people are still easily turned off by it.


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