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> On Wednesday 13 April 2005 07:06, Markus Leist wrote:
> > Is there a feedback-mechanism when Zope-3 is responding a 
> html-request
> > which takes some time?
> >
> > i.e.
> > method(self):
> >   -> output some start-text
> >   sleep 10s
> >   -> output some text
> >   sleep 10s
> >   -> output some end-text
> >
> > any ideas?
> I am pretty sure it does not.

Correct, it is not this easy,

I think you looking for a mechanism where you can write
to the response. This is possible but don't ask me how 
dis is done correctly. 

One problem of this concept is, you have to send a response
and don't close the connection. This whould make the it 
possible to write to the response and the information
get read from the browser because the connetction isn't
closed. Another problem is that you can't tell the browser
the size of the response, becaue you don't know what you
like to write at all.

You also have to take a look at the clients/browsers if this 
kind of stream is possible. Perhaps you can find more information
with google for this part.

Hm, I'm interessted in such a solution, but I don't have the
time to take a look at the response and the http server part
and find out if this is possible or not.

I hope this information will help and give you the right 
direction if you try to find a solution.

Feel free to ask me more questions if you work on this.
Perhaps I can give you more information where you can 
find the relevant part in zope3.

Roger Ineichen

Projekt01 GmbH

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